With less than a week to go until the first festive election in nearly 100 years, and each seat fiercely contested, what are the options for voters in Wimbledon?

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Stephen Hammond (Conservative) has been Wimbledon’s Member of Parliament for 14 years. In the 2017 election he won with a majority of 5,622 votes – Labour came second.

Standing for Labour is Jackie Schneider who has been a primary school music teacher in Wimbledon for 23 years. She has previously campaigned for better school food and green spaces.

Paul Kohler for the Liberal Democrats is a business owner, former university teacher and councillor for Trinity ward. He campaigned to save Wimbledon Police station from closure after surviving a brutal attack in 2014.

In the 2016 Brexit referendum, Wimbledon saw a 70% vote in favour of remaining in the EU, undoubtedly making this a key issue for local voters.

With a well-quoted mantra of ‘get Brexit done’, the Conservatives would put Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement through parliament before Christmas and leave the EU in January.

Labour would negotiate a new deal with the EU and put this to a referendum within six months of coming to power – the result would be legally binding.

Central to the Liberal Democrats’ manifesto is a commitment to ‘stop Brexit”. The party promises to revoke Article 50 immediately – and stop Britain leaving the EU – without another referendum. However, if there is no majority government, the Lib Dems would work with other parties to secure a referendum.

Locally, pro-remain Stephen Hammond lost the Conservative whip for voting to stop a no-deal Brexit. However, he is now backing Boris Johnson’s deal, as an alternative to leaving the EU without one. Both Jackie Schneider and Paul Kohler will campaign to remain in the EU.

A remain alliance means no Green party candidate will stand in Wimbledon; encouraging voters to back the Liberal Democrats instead. Graham Hadley is standing as an independent candidate.

Polling stations will be open from 7am to 10pm on 12 December. You do not need to take your poll card with you. Find out more about how to vote and locating your polling station on the Merton Council website.

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