open-plan-kitchenWhen it’s time to sell your home, your biggest decision might be which estate agent to use. And it really is a big decision because your choice could dictate the time it takes to sell your property and the price you are able to achieve.

Your home is usually your most significant asset and you will want to place it in safe hands.

If you ask anyone which professions they most respect they are likely to mention teachers, doctors, surgeons, and soldiers. Unfortunately, estate agents tend to be down there with tax collectors and traffic wardens in the popularity stakes. But there are excellent estate agents who will do a proactive, professional job for you and their services could be the difference between a stress-free move and an interminable nightmare.

So, what makes a good estate agent?

  • Honesty and integrity

It is vital that your estate agent is honest with both potential purchasers and with yourself. This might mean they have to tell you things that you don’t want to hear. If you are unrealistic about the value of your home or you have presented it poorly, your agent must be prepared to tell you where you are going wrong and that can be a hard thing to do. A few home truths (pardon the pun) could help you to seal an impressive deal.

  • A great listener

Ever had the feeling that your agent isn’t listening to a word you say? If they aren’t listening to you, their ears may be closed to your prospective buyers too. It is vital that your agent is a good listener and absorbs the information you and the viewers provide. Good communication could prevent you from wasting a great deal of time and money.

  • A better negotiator

Your agent must be a people-person and able to communicate effectively with all parties involved. But they need to be an even better negotiator. While you might feel a little shy about dealing with money matters and sealing the seal, your agent should be an accomplished negotiator who always fights your corner and gets results.

  • Look for tenacity

The qualities of a good estate agent certainly include tenacity. You need someone who will leave no stone unturned in the search for the right buyer. Someone who is prepared to go the extra mile, even if that means conducting a viewing at short notice for you on a Sunday evening.

  • Local knowledge helps

An agency with experienced staff who know the local area well is an absolute must. They will be able to tell you which features are in most demand, they will know who to market your property to and what price you can realistically achieve. A well-established local agent will have a lengthy list of potential buyers on their books which could considerably speed up the sales process.

  • A great website

Most buyers search for their new home online. Look for an estate agent with a highly visible website which is easy to navigate. Check out the property listings to ensure the homes are showcased well and with excellent photography. Estate agents will also list your home on Rightmove and Zoopla, but the quality of their listings varies dramatically and is worth checking before you make your choice.

  • Follow your gut instinct

If you are impressed by what you see and hear, it is likely that buyers will be too. When you are sitting in front of an approachable estate agent that you feel comfortable with, you might have found what you are looking for. Your agent will be working with you for some time and there may be awkward moments and difficult discussions ahead. Feeling comfortable with the person who is acting for you is as important as anything else in process. After all, a brilliant negotiator who knows everything about the local market is of little use to you if don’t get on with them.

If you are searching for a good estate agent in the Wimbledon area, the team at Robert Holmes can assist you with selling your property.

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Nick joined Robert Holmes to inject fresh ideas and help grow the New Homes department of Robert Holmes as well as helping to inject technology into the business and to grow its client base. Together with one of the Directors Nick is in charge of all Development opportunities that Robert Holmes deals with along with sales. Aged 40, he provides succession together with the two existing directors. Nick has always been focused on building client relationships and sales. He built up his own gallery in Chelsea, where he had a loyal following of customers and artists.

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