Properties located within easy reach of a public park or garden square are worth far more than those which are further away from them.  

Buyers pay premium prices to live by Wimbledon Park

According to new research, homes near parks and garden squares in London can be worth on average £380,000 more than homes which are not near open green spaces.  

This is true in the Wimbledon area, where buyers pay more to live on the outskirts of Wimbledon Park than any other park in London.   

Property buyers also pay a premium to live near Richmond Park, though interestingly, buyers don’t have to pay such a high premium to live near Battersea Park.  

We’ve always known that buyers will generally pay more – and need to pay more – to snap up a property near to a garden square or attractive public park, and this data confirms it.  

With The Championships, Wimbledon about to get underway, homes located close to the venue where the tournament is held – the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club – also command premium prices.  

The Wimbledon area continues to be one of the preferred locations in the capital for buyers looking for prime property but with more space, possibly a garden, and proximity to parks and open countryside, as Wimbledon offers.  

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