Teachers are being encourages to use the start of Wimbledon as inspiration in the classroom.

Wimbledon tennis 2016 But instead of swapping text books for tennis racquets, the Tennis Foundation is promoting a game for primary school children that combines tennis and maths.

The server starts by calling out a number between one and 50, and their partner has to return with the number required to reach 50 (if the server shouts 19, for example, their opponent needs to shout 31 to score the point).

Or what about writing poetry inspired by tennis or the Wimbledon tournament? And then presenting the creations on a tennis ball or an image of the famous trophy?

The tournament can also be used to encourage creativity in the musical arena. This activity gets pupils to investigate the sounds made by percussion instruments and use their findings to compose a piece of music that represents a tennis match.

When it comes to older students, teachers are being encouraged to go in-depth on the science of tennis scoring. Or what about exploring how exercise affects the body?

Start by introducing the concept of resting pulse rate and get groups of students to predict how this would be different immediately after exercise then after five minutes of rest.

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