It’s true that loft conversions, kitchen extensions and garden makeovers all add value to your property. But if you’re planning a renovation project, it’s worth giving some thought to the here and now too, and the ways in which home improvements could actually boost your well-being.

Here are five elements to consider when doing up your property, to make sure you give your home the feel-good factor:

Renovate to create your happy place

1. Lighting

Natural light is important for creating a spacious, airy feel in your property, but it can work wonders on your mood and mental health too. Look at ways of incorporating maximum daylight in any plans – by removing a wall that blocks light or adding a window, for example.

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to well-being too, so make sure you can block out light when you need to. Tackle early morning sunlight with shutters or blackout blinds.

When planning artificial light, dimmers give you plenty of light when you need it as well as a subtle ambience when you’re winding down.


2. Plants

Indoor plants are great for generating serenity and calm – they may even suck a few toxins from the atmosphere. Indoor succulents bring a colourful modern touch and a window-sill herb garden of sage, basil and rosemary will be as aromatic as it’s useful in the kitchen.

If you’re thinking of an outdoor planting scheme, help the planet with bee-friendly species such as lavender, which can boost your own well-being too.


3. Colour and art

The colours you choose for your walls can have an impact on your mood. Rich hues will create a cosy feel, while tranquil shades of green can help you relax. When choosing artworks, think about how they make you feel too. Photos of familiar people and places can evoke happy memories, but a great piece of abstract art can have an equally powerful effect.


4. Space

When planning a renovation, pay close attention to storage – it will be easier to factor in wardrobes, cupboards and shelving now, than add them later. Creating a place for everything helps avoid the clutter which can create stress.


5. Acoustics

Avoid the annoyance of unwanted noise from your neighbours and outside with good soundproofing. Proper wall and floor insulation and double glazing will all help, as will placing wall cupboards between properties and carpeting floors.

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