It may not have been a problem recently, with most of us spending extended time at home, but locking yourself out is one of the more irritating niggles of property ownership.

If you’re starting to venture out after lockdown, avoid this stressful waste of time, with these handy tips from Property Reporter – none of which involve keys hidden under flowerpots.

avoid-being-locked-outTrain yourself to never forget

Forgetting your keys is easily done, especially if you’re rushing out of the door, but there are simple ways to train your brain into keeping them front of mind. Create habits that will help your memory – such as always tapping your wrist with your key before you shut the door.

Keep your keys in the same place each day, so picking them up becomes part of your routine. Alternatively, leave a note in a prominent place or invest in some artwork to jog your memory – such as this from Oliver Bonas.

Look after your locks

It’s not always about forgetting your keys. Worn locks can stop working, leaving you out in the cold. Give your locks plenty of care and attention, keeping them clean – use a mild soap or detergent over the face of the lock and latch – then spray a small amount of lubricant in the lock before turning your key.

If you think your lock feels worse for wear, get a professional locksmith to look at it. They may be able to fix the problem as a routine appointment, which It will cost you less than calling them out in an emergency.

Find a friend

Having a couple of spare keys cut to leave with reliable friends or family members will give you peace of mind. Choose people close by who you can trust. Keeping a spare key in a safe pocket in your bag, a secure drawer at work or your car could also be a godsend.

Trust to tech

If forgetting your keys is a problem, you could consider a smart lock, controlled by an app on your phone, or a keyless lock, which you open using a code. Installing a key safe outside your home is a secure alternative to that key under the flowerpot too.

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