Almost all house buyers admit to judging a property before stepping over the threshold, according to new research, with cracks in exterior walls, rickety windows and roof issues among the major turn-offs.

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The survey, by lender Evolution Money, found that 93% people judged homes by first appearances. But the research found that easy fixes, such as mowing the lawn, hiding visible rubbish bins, tidying up the garden and not hanging out washing during viewings, all help prevent giving a negative vibe to potential buyers.

The biggest problems that impact on first impressions were cracks in the outside walls (64%), damaged windows (61%) a roof with missing or uneven tiling (57%) a damaged front door (54%) and leaky gutters (49%). Missing brickwork pointing, a shabby front door and weeds in the garden also figured among the off-putting features.

On the upside, 68% of house hunters admitted they would offer more for a property with kerb appeal. Among them were 30% of buyers, who would add £5,000 or more to the price tag of a home with a sparkling exterior.

Well-maintained roofs with no missing tiles, double glazing, healthy, well-pruned trees and shrubs, freshly painted front doors and neat lawns all figure among buyers’ definition of kerb appeal, with even a clean car on the drive impressing some.

Hannah Dearden of Evolution Money said: “Even if we’re not looking to buy a property, we all know that we form our opinions of any home as soon as we see it.

“Our research shows that for homeowners looking to sell, making small home improvements will help them achieve the best price.”

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