If the roadmap out of lockdown means you’ll be heading back to the office sometime soon, you might be concerned about leaving your home unoccupied.

protect home from burglars

Data from the Home Office shows that three quarters of reported theft cases were closed by the police last year, without a suspect being identified and just 5% resulted in charges.

This means that if your belongings are stolen, the chances of retrieving them are pretty slim. With this in mind, here are five things you could do to keep your property secure – which you might not have thought of.

1 Go for gravel

The crunch of a gravel driveway is noisy and can actually deter thieves, according to police – so if you’re looking at paving options, this might be something to try.

2 Have a garden tidy

Overgrown gardens provide cover for burglars, so cut back unruly trees and shrubs leaving no place to hide for opportunists.

3 Drilling down

You might not realise it, but the key to your home security could lie in the humble screw. Many burglars force entry by kicking down the door. Replacing the screws in your hinges can offer some protection – go for ones measuring 70mm-80mm, which reach beyond the door frame, drilling them into the wall for greater protection.

4 Out-smart them

Ex-burglars often cite CCTV as the deterrent most likely to put them off forcing entry. As an alternative, consider fitting a smart doorbell, which will let you see who is approaching your property and capture footage on your phone.

5 Under lock and key

You don’t need an elaborate safe to store your valuables. A lockable container with a combination or padlock could do the trick. Most thieves want to be in and out of your house quickly and won’t spend time breaking open a box to see what’s inside.

Read more security tips from locksmith Keys 4 U in this story on the Property Reporter website.

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