For many people part time classes are a great way to expand their knowledge and learn new skills. From Indian cooking; to sewing; to Mandarin classes; to knitting (believe it or not) there’s something for everyone and a whole range of activities are popping up here there and everywhere. The great thing is that thanks to the internet they’re easier than ever to find!

We decided to put you together a short guide of the best of Wimbledon’s classes: 


Have you always dreamt of working abroad? Forever envious of those who seem to have mastered Mandrain, improved their Italian or perfected their Persian? Or do you simply just want to be able to order your steak bien cuit in French instead of getting the Tartare delivered instead by a moody Garcon? Never fear, whatever your timetable you can find a course to suit your needs below – just have a look at the range on offer at West Wimbledon College and take your pick!

Language Courses


Have you always fancied yourself as a burgeoning artist? Feel that your inner Van Gogh has not yet been realised? Well don't despair, it’s never too late to start improving your vase sketching or daubing those Impressionist-inspired landscapes. After all, Monet was famously a late bloomer, so you never know! Or perhaps the more practical among you are interested in making things with your bare hands? Anyway, have a look at these short courses at the Wimbledon College of Arts. Some of them are not exactly in the most traditional realms of fine art but pretty interesting all the same….

Art Courses


Foodies have never been so prolific and cooking programmes never so popular. From Nigella to Jamie, to the Great British Bake Off to Masterchef, it seems that healthy living (and indeed, ahem not so healthy living – if you examine the contents of Nigella’s brownies) has never been so de rigueur. But hey, don’t feel down if you’re of the bung-a-pizza-in-the-oven-and-that’ll-do variety, there are always chances to improve your skills. If you’ve a few hours to spare, why not attempt to perfect your French cuisine and enrol in Comme A La Maison’s classes? There are timetables to suit you and your friends and even your children if you want to bring them along!

Comme A la Maison


With the boom in digital photography, the rise of selfies thanks to Instagram and of course the wide range of social media sites to show off in, it seems that everyone believes they’re amateur photographers these days! However, let’s face it, there’s still talent needed to take a great photo and there's usually a clear distinction between those who are professionals and those who, ahem, aren't.

So, if you think you’ve got a creative eye and you’re a keen snapper who wants to improve the basics, have a look at these fantastic courses – there’s something for everyone:

Digital Photography



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