Smart technology is becoming increasingly popular in the home, with 73% of Britons planning to install more in the future.

Increase in interest in technology smart homes

According to research from home energy supplier E.ON, most people have already incorporated some form of smart technology in their homes, with a further 34% planning to upgrade.

Meanwhile, only 27% have no smart technology in their homes.

The primary reason for people installing smart technology is to save money, while a high proportion (55%) want an energy-efficient home, and others aim to save time.

Head of Commercial Solutions at E.ON, Gavin Stokes, said: “It’s really heartening that three quarters of households have already taken steps to make their homes smarter.

Many of the people we spoke to are already aware of the benefits solar and battery systems can bring, from saving money, to having a more energy efficient home, to making homes more appealing to buyers”.

Technology is playing a bigger role in our lives as each year passes, and that includes the range of smart home solutions on offer. A smart home is a home that is becoming increasingly appealing to prospective buyers.

Many Wimbledon buyers, for example, are looking for properties which feature the latest time-saving smart technology.

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