If you are a landlord or a BTL investor, you know that replacing tenants regularly can be costly. From void periods, inventories, check-in and check-out costs and admin fees. Everything adds up and ultimately comes out of your pocket.

Interior Design Tips for Landlords

So, finding good tenants for the long run is definitely a smart move and to do that it’s well worth investing a little extra effort to keep them happy so they’ll stay.

To ensure that you obtain the best tenants and avoid the risk of long rental voids, we are delighted to bring you a series of videos from Interior Design expert, Nicola Burt, where she shares her ideas and advice on how to decorate your rental property and keep your tenants for longer.


How to pick paint colours for my buy-to-let property’s interior

Nicola shares her tips on picking the right colours for your buy-to-let property’s interiors.

Nicola’s advice “It is much easier to paint every room the same colour. That way, when you have to touch up the walls from time to time, you won’t have to remember which colour you used in which room, or buy lots of different pots of paint.”


What are some small budget interior design ideas?

Nicola shares her ideas on how to decorate your buy-to-let when you have a small budget.

Nicola shares “A kitchen can be given a quick makeover by painting the cabinet doors in a contemporary colour like a soft grey, replacing the handles and re-tiling and re-grouting the splashback walls.”


What are the basics of redecorating a room?

Nicola shares her tips and insights on the basics of redecorating a room or a property.

Nicola says “Work out what the orientation of the room is – south-facing rooms will get the sun and lots of light so dark furnishings and fabrics will fade, and strong colours can feel ‘hot’ and overwhelming in these rooms. North-facing rooms will get less sun and feel cooler so pastel colours can feel insipid in these rooms.”


For more video tips and ideas, please visit Property Division’s YouTube Channel by clicking here.

Nicola has over 13 years’ experience in the interior design field, specialising in residential and small commercial projects all over the world. Check out Nicola Burt’s website by clicking here.

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