Some of us might run a mile from the word ‘trends’, with its intrinsically negative connotations. Surely the cultivation of your own personal style to inform your interiors is better than being a slave to design trends? You don’t need to follow trends religiously or not follow them at all – it can be useful to know what the trends are, so you can choose whether to adopt some of those ideas for use in your own home.  

If you plan to embark on any amount of home improvement work this year (perhaps with a view to selling or letting your property) then it’s useful to at least be aware of some of the latest interior design trends hitting the big-time this year.  


Here are five to know about:

1. Start blushing

If you’re a tad confused, we’ll clarify. This refers to wall colours, ‘blush’ pink wall colours to be precise. ‘Heart Wood’, a shade of blush pink, has been named Dulux Colour of the Year 2018. An earthy, forgiving colour, blush pink will add warmth and freshness to your interiors.

2. Cover it in velvet

The designers over at last year predicted the dominance of velvet as a go-to upholstery fabric in 2018, and those predictions have been realised. Velvet is the fabric of choice for sofas, armchairs and soft furnishings in 2018, and there are a wide range of colours from which to choose, from pastel hues to moody tones like dark forest green and deep purple.

3. Brass it up

Brassware started to influence trends in 2017, and our taste for industrial metals, such as brass and nickel, doesn’t seem to have been exhausted yet. These metals are not as shiny yet add a touch of understated glamour to your interiors.

4. Move over minimalism

Minimalism is out while maximalism, in all its gaudy boldness, is defiantly in. Print, pattern, florals, colour, these are being embraced in 2018. White-washed walls and Scandi-inspired interiors have fallen into the shadows. This is a great moment to embrace the traditions of British interior style, which dictate that comfort, character, and homeliness should come first, while the happy clashing of prints, the layering of textures, and the use of mismatched furniture and materials is encouraged.

5. Let the house plant speak loudly

House plants are a common sight in homes these days. Not only are they said to improve air quality, but they look attractive, are affordable, and can still flourish after many years. In 2018, the trend is for colourful and patterned plants. Not only does greenery and foliage enhance an interior in a similar way to a beautiful vase of fresh flowers, but house plants are also noted for their calming influence.  

If you’re planning to carry out home improvements, whether with a view to let or sell your property, or you’re looking to buy or rent property in the Wimbledon area, get in touch.  

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Nicolas Holmes

Nick joined Robert Holmes to inject fresh ideas and help grow the New Homes department of Robert Holmes as well as helping to inject technology into the business and to grow its client base. Together with one of the Directors Nick is in charge of all Development opportunities that Robert Holmes deals with along with sales. Aged 40, he provides succession together with the two existing directors. Nick has always been focused on building client relationships and sales. He built up his own gallery in Chelsea, where he had a loyal following of customers and artists.

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