Period properties top the wish lists of many buyers and tenants, but these properties come at a premium and may not be available in your chosen location.

new-build in wimbledonYou could get more space for your money with a new-build, and contemporary properties do have their advantages.

New-builds are low-maintenance and energy efficient – perfect for your busy lifestyle and an excellent choice if you are on a budget. While modern homes boast an unfortunate reputation for being soulless, they do present you with a blank canvas to work with. You won’t have to spend your valuable time and your hard-earned cash undoing the features you don’t like, and you won’t have to tackle a quirky or awkward layout. With a little imagination, it is possible to inject that all-important interest and character into every room.

So, how do you personalise your interiors and make a new-build uniquely your own?

Period furniture could make all the difference

The architecture of your new-build might lack character but that doesn’t mean your furniture needs to. Period pieces can be wonderful additions to contemporary properties and will deliver the touch of style and interest that you are looking for. Antique cabinets and accent chairs will ensure that your house or apartment feels like home, especially if you are able to showcase family heirlooms.

Statement pieces to lift the space

With neutral tones and clean lines, the interiors of new-builds can appear somewhat generic and bland. You might fear that your home will be indistinguishable from your neighbour’s.

Even if you are renting your home and can’t get the paintbrushes out, you can personalise your spaces with the addition of a few carefully chosen statement pieces. Colourful accent chairs, stunning rugs and dramatic pendant lighting are all eye-catching features which will banish blandness. Your own unique touches will lift your rooms and ensure they stand out from the crowd. Simply switching your bed’s headboard for something more striking could totally transform the space.

Colour and texture

Don’t be afraid of bold colours. Accent colour and contrasting textures will work wonders on your interior. Scatter cushions, throws, rugs and wall art featuring your favourite shades will ensure that each room is truly your own. The pops of colour provide the perfect foil for neutral walls and won’t overly dominate the space.

Use a variety of patterns and textures to deliver greater impact to your decor. You could take inspiration from the ever-popular Art Deco style which featured stunning juxtapositions of colour, texture and materials. By incorporating metallic elements, glass, stone, slate and textured fabrics into your decorative scheme, you can achieve a similarly elegant look.

Shape and form to draw the eye

New-build interiors can feel boxy and uninspired when they are empty. Look past the blandness when you are choosing your home; imagine what it could become and celebrate the fact that you have the flexibility of that blank canvas.

You can add character and even replicate a period interior by adding architraves and stylish joinery. If new doors and paneling are beyond your budget or a step too far, consider showcasing fabulous sculptures or objects d’art. Alternatively, switch the radiators for cast iron or ornamental styles to make a feature of them.

Rental homes and character on a budget

If you are renting a new home in Wimbledon or Coombe, you probably won’t be permitted to make significant changes to the fittings and décor. Whether you are renting or buying a property, your budget might preclude you from investing in costly furniture and major projects anyway, but don’t let that hold you back.

You won’t have to spend the earth to include a few colourful cushions, throws and decorative pieces. Let your creative juices flow and seek out a period chair at auction or upcycle secondhand furniture to add interest, character and individuality to your home. The featureless room that you start with is simply a space that you can transform into anything you want it to be.

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