It is often said that moving house is among the big stresses of modern life. But what if you could ease the strain by making sure you have luck on your side? For centuries people around the world have followed moving day superstitions, aimed at warding off evil spirits and ensuring happiness and prosperity in the new home. House Beautiful magazine explores some of the most interesting, and here are a few highlights.


An old Irish tradition says you should exit the house through the door you came in to bring good luck – but only on moving in day. And in India you need to enter the new home with your right foot first.

In the Philippines, scattering coins in the living room can help bring wealth to the new home. And if you’re in China, installing an orange or tangerine tree at the property is thought to bring luck with it too.

Repainting your front door is often cited as one of the top ways to boost your kerb appeal when selling. In South America the colour of choice has to be blue – it is believed to keep ghosts of the dead at bay.

Evil spirits can also be tackled by lighting a candle. This tradition is prized in cultures across the world for casting out the darkness. Alternatively, shine a torch in each corner of every room – plus cupboards and wardrobes. This Chinese belief is about showing the spirits where to go and hide.

Food features in many traditions, including the Russian Jewish belief that bringing bread and salt to the new home is a sign of hospitality, which will ensure the occupants never go hungry. Pagans would bring uncooked rice to a new home and in Native American culture sage would be burned to remove bad energy and replace it with wisdom and healing.

The UK even has a few traditions of its own – including a belief that certain days are unlucky for house moves. Rain is sometimes considered a bad omen too – though not easy to avoid in our climate!

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