Happy New Year. Here at Robert Holmes & Co, we start 2016 confident that the next 12 months are going to be as good – if not better – than 2015.

Our optimistic outlook is not just based on the significant number of enquiries we received over the Christmas break, which leads us to suspect you spent the holiday plotting your next move in the property market.

The value of residential property in Wimbledon rose about 10% during 2015 and while the Bank of England base rate remains at its all-time low of 0.5%, we have near full employment in London and there remains a severe shortage of property for sale and rent in Wimbledon, there is every reason to believe that property values will grow further over the next 12 months.

But looking further into the future, Crossrail 2 has published proposals revealing the timescale of the planned major work in Wimbledon town centre, which includes the demolition of Centre Court Shopping Centre.

The major engineering project that will create a high-speed rail line linking Surrey with Hertfordshire is not due to open until at least 2030.

But if the scheme does go ahead 30 Crossrail 2 trains per hour will pass through Wimbledon station, which would be expanded to cater for an expected 3,000 extra peak time commuters.

If Crossrail 2 does go ahead, it presents many threats and opportunities.

The plans that Crossrail 2 has in mind for Wimbledon would take 11 years to complete but the potential benefits are huge. They include more commercial investment in SW19 as journey times to both central London and Surrey are slashed plus a possible rise in residential property prices of 40%.

When Hackney was put on the North London Line in 2010, property values in that part of east London rose by more than 40%, while other areas on the route saw house prices increase by 25%.

On the other hand, it would change the face of Wimbledon town centre and could have a negative impact on Wimbledon Village.

Up to 11 years of construction work in Wimbledon town centre is sure to create significant traffic disruption and have a negative impact on business already established there.

With tube, rail and tram services already operating from the town centre, Wimbledon already has excellent transport links. Bringing additional passengers to Wimbledon could have a negative impact on the town and surrounding areas.

Wimbledon Village’s blend of chic shops, cafes and bars set among period buildings and open spaces make it unique in London. Any increase in the number of people using Wimbledon Common or the nearby leisure facilities threatens the Village’s treasured status as an area where life moves at a gentle pace.

In the heart of Wimbledon Village

As an independent estate agent covering Wimbledon, Coombe, Kingston Hill and Wandsworth, Robert Holmes & Co is an established presence at the heart of the Village.

We have been successfully marketing some of the finest residential property in south-west London and Surrey to buyers and tenants from home and abroad since 1987

Everybody at Robert Holmes & Co is passionate about property and our professional approach has enabled us to build a very satisfied client base.

Our commitment to superior service means we will continue to use our local knowledge and experience to pass on the kind of advice that enables you to maximise your budget or the value of their property.

We know how much you value this advice, which takes us neatly to our New Year resolution.

Robert Holmes & Co is asking you to put the praise you regularly give us in writing. From our point of view, testimonials are a great way to establish ourselves as an estate agent that vendors and landlords trust, even before they make contact.

From your perspective, the key appeal of testimonials is that they are a genuine reflection of real-world experiences. If you’re looking to sell or let property in Wimbledon, Coombe, Kingston Hill and Wandsworth and need an estate agent with in-depth knowledge of the local property market, the chances are you’d appreciate a personal recommendation.

Your testimonial is that personal recommendation.

We’re not looking for an epic piece of writing that would not be out of place at Wimbledon Bookfest, just a quick thank-you email that explains how Robert Holmes & Co has helped you fulfil the property ambitions you spent Christmas researching.

The next time one of the hard-working members of our sales or lettings team leaves you appreciating their efforts, please, please, please drop them an email praising their hard work.

And if your New Year resolution is to enter the buoyant property market in Wimbledon, Coombe, Kingston Hill and Wandsworth, then please get in touch with Robert Holmes & Co.


About the author

Nicolas Holmes

Nick joined Robert Holmes to inject fresh ideas and help grow the New Homes department of Robert Holmes as well as helping to inject technology into the business and to grow its client base. Together with one of the Directors Nick is in charge of all Development opportunities that Robert Holmes deals with along with sales. Aged 40, he provides succession together with the two existing directors. Nick has always been focused on building client relationships and sales. He built up his own gallery in Chelsea, where he had a loyal following of customers and artists.

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