Whatever the size of your property, too much clutter, furniture and general stuff can make you feel a bit hemmed in.

spring cleaningNow is definitely the season forspring cleaning. And, with Marie Kondo’s Netflix decluttering show a real talking point, there’s never been a better time to increase your space with a big clear out.

So, whether you’re looking to create space for more relaxed living, or you’re putting your property up for sale, read on for our expert decluttering tips – plus five more ways to make your home feel a lot more spacious.

De-clutter like a pro

For de-cluttering guru Marie Kondo, the trick is to go through your house, room by room, sorting your items into categories. If any item doesn’t ‘spark joy’, it has to go (you should say ‘thank you’ to it first!). The Kondo method could see you emptying your home by the bag-full, but if you’re not ready for this radical approach, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Commit to going clutter free – set aside time every day and be methodical. Don’t give up till you’ve finished the job.
  • If something hasn’t be used or worn for more than a year, it probably won’t be needed.
  • Spend just 10 minutes a day collecting together items that you can bin or donate to charity – after just a week, you’ll be amazed by the space you’ve created.
  • If you know something isn’t needed but feel sentimental about it – a child’s arty creation for example, take a photo then let it go.
  • Use attractive baskets and storage boxes to tidy away the things you can’t let go – but don’t just stuff them in, have a place for everything.
  • Resist the temptation to buy anything new until the decluttering exercise is complete and your home is organised. Then try to operate on a one in, one out principle.
  • Keep your wardrobe looking lovely by making it minimal – store out-of-season clothes in vacuum bags under the bed.
  • If you home is full of furniture or belongings you can’t part with, or might need later on, think about placing them in a storage facility. This is particularly useful if you are decluttering to sell your property. If the items are valuable, make sure it is secure storage.
  • Declutter your kitchen – empty your cutlery drawers of anything you hardly ever use. If you can’t bear to throw these items away, hide them in storage boxes until you need them.

Read this great advice from the decluttering experts in the Huffington Post.

Other ways to create space …

Reach for the sky

If you’re installing storage solutions, build upwards, making the most of the full height of your room. Bookcases, shelves, built-in cupboards and other storage furniture will help provide extra space but won’t take up much-needed floor room.

For a quick fix, install some stylish floating shelves – but don’t cram them full of stuff. The advice is to leave at least 10% of your bookshelves as free space.

Under the stairs provides great storage – add plenty of shelves to make it super-organised.

Mirror, mirror

Mirrors make a room look bigger as they allow light to be reflected, doubling the impact of windows. Just be careful to position the mirror so it’s reflecting your room’s best view – not any remaining clutter.

Let there be light

Having several different lighting elements in each room they can give the impression of more space, especially in the case of rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light, such as basements. If a room is looking dark, add floor lamps for an instant brightness boost.

Pick your paint …

While decorating trends come and go, neutral tones remain the way forward if you’re looking for a spacious feel. Darker, richer tones will make your home feel warm and cosy, but they don’t reflect light, so will also make it seem closed in. With its amazing light-reflecting qualities, white is top of the list when it comes to making homes look larger. But, if it feels a bit stark, plain or art gallery-like, opt for delicate tones of duck-egg, sage or pearl grey.

… and your furniture

The rules about wall colours go for furniture and kitchens too so avoid anything too dark. The more that objects in the room can blend into the background the better. You don’t need to get rid of too much furniture – empty rooms can sometimes look smaller than furnished ones. But don’t be afraid to move things around to create the desired effect – if it doesn’t work, you can always move them back.

If you’re having a declutter to create space, good luck with your mission. And if you’re looking to sell your property, we can offer you our expert advice to help you find the right buyer and achieve the best selling price. Contact us today to find out more.

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