Smart technology to control your heating, eliminate annoying wires or snoop on who’s at your door, has been around for a while. But could 2019 be the year when more of us come on board with the latest in life-changing tech?

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Here’s just a selection of the smart home technology products that could soon revolutionise your life, in every room of the house, as chosen by the Evening Standard Homes & Property.

Smart fridges can update you on their contents remotely – handy if you’re wondering whether to pick up a vital ingredient on your way home from work. You could buy a whole new fridge, or the Smarter Fridge Cam can do the job for £150. With its wide-angle wireless camera, it takes a shot of the contents every time you open the fridge door. Just view the photos on the Smarter app.

If you think microwaves are a bit old hat, try the KitchenAid free-standing oven. It can roast a chicken in half an hour and has a metal crisp plate to heat up pizza, French fries and even halloumi to perfection.

Turn any room in your house into a home cinema with the Keecker projector. This voice-activated multimedia robot rolls into any room to display a high definition film of your choice onto a plain white wall – it doubles as a mobile security camera too.

The Nuki smart front door lock, which fits to the back of your existing cylinder lock, means no more rooting around for your keys when you get home. You can unlock the door with a key as usual or tap it with your smart phone or watch.

If you want to make your home smarter without too many devices or too much clutter, Wondrwall might be for you. It replaces your light switches with panels containing sensors to control heating, lighting, security and more. Each has a microphone for Alexa voice control in every room too.

You can also control and monitor your family’s online footprint with Circle. It allows you to tailor internet access for each family member, filtering children’s viewing for safety and device-free time.

Read more about these devices, and others tipped to be big in 2019, in this Homes & Property feature.

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