The government is to work with the building industry to support the delivery of well-designed, quality new homes to meet the needs and expectations of buyers.


Speaking at the Design Quality Conference last month, Housing Minister Dominic Raab revealed that a £1 billion injection of capital into the Home Building Fund will go towards the development of innovative new construction and design methods.  

Emphasis is also being placed on the importance of technological innovation, and using technologies, such as virtual reality, to allow communities to visualise new housing developments before they are even built. 

Research has shown that most people would support the development of new homes in their area if they know those homes will be built in a style which is in-keeping with and complementary to the area, and consider them to be quality, well-designed homes.  

Housing Minister Dominic Raab said: “Ministers will focus on how developers can use better quality design in order to win over both communities and new generations of first time buyers, who expect the highest quality homes before parting with their hard-earned deposits”.  

The government will also look to give councils greater autonomy over local planning policy and building design standards. 

Though the delivery of new homes is vital to meet demand, the conference naturally focused on the need for new homes to be well-designed, built to as high a design standard as possible, and able to meet the expectations and desires of property buyers.  

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