When people discuss important features about properties, they are usually referring to the building itself. They talk about exterior walls, interior décor, fixtures and fittings, and reception rooms and bedrooms. However, there is another area of the property that can affect the desirability of a house, and that is the garden. 


How important is your garden? A garden can be a deal breaker when you are selling your home, so it is useful to know the various garden features that may be attractive to prospective buyers.

The lawn 

Let us start with what many people regard as the main feature of a garden: the lawn. There has been a tendency among some people to replace their lawns with gravel, paving stones or artificial turf, and although these features are relatively low maintenance, it appears most people still prefer the sight of a well-manicured lawn and are happy to put the effort in maintaining and manicuring their lawn. In fact, gravel, paving or artificial turf can prove to be a deterrent to prospective buyers.

The patio 

Although paving stones, as a replacement for a lawn, can be a turn off to some buyers, there is a place for them in your garden, and that is as part of a patio. 

A patio offering a place for people to enjoy alfresco dining can be an excellent complement to a well-maintained lawn. Despite the vagaries of the weather, it appears people will do their best to take advantage of our short summers and enjoy eating and drinking on their patio. 

Of course, decking can be a replacement for paving and still provide a space for outdoor living.

Barbeques and wood burners 

We are still in the patio area here. A barbeque pit could attract people who enjoy alfresco dining. They may also enjoy dining in the evening, so a wood burner would also feature as an attraction to buyers.

Garden sheds 

Another feature that attracts some buyers to a property is a garden shed. A garden shed adds a place of sanctuary where homeowners can cut themselves off from the daily grind of the world. It is also a handy place to store lawnmowers and other garden tools, which will last longer if they are stored in a shed and away from the elements.  

Garden sheds come in all shapes and sizes and are made from either metal, plastic and steel or wood. So, if you think a garden shed will add to the allure of your property, it may be worth investing in one. 

Like sheds, gardens come in various shapes and sizes and it is important that people should use the space available to them in the best way they can to attract potential buyers. 

The features we have mentioned above are one that can be applied to small or large gardens. However, those people with very large gardens will have the luxury to have features that will attract the wealthy buyers.    

A sunken lawn appeals to some buyers, as will a walled garden. 

People who are looking to spend in the millions will often expect to see a tennis court or a swimming pool: some will expect both. 

The ecologically minded people will appreciate a kitchen garden where they will be able to grow their own fresh produce. 

Whatever the size of your garden, there are many things you can do make it appealing to certain kinds of buyers. 

From adding colourful border plants and a well-maintained lawn in a modestly sized garden to one which includes a swimming pool and tennis courts in a large garden, we will know how to market your home to the right buyer.   

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